KC Party Buses Celebrate the Holiday Safely

September 7 is Labor Day, a holiday created to celebrate those who ‘labor’ and work to pay the bills and enjoy the better things in life that only those who live in America have the freedom to enjoy. Many people who work get to enjoy a three-day weekend, and some celebrate with backyard BBQ’s, going to the lake, camping out, or even partying with friends at local pubs and nightclubs. What if you could party and not have to worry about a designated driver, or getting from one location to another safely? It’s nice to be free from worry every now and then, and to get to completely enjoy yourself without the worry of the possible consequences of driving.

Why should you rent a Kansas City party bus to celebrate the holiday? There are plenty of reasons, the most important for many being the fact they can have a few drinks and really let loose without the worry of getting pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. Think of renting a party bus as a way to enjoy the evening while being chauffeured around town, dropped off at home when the evening comes to a close. You’re not responsible for anyone else, and you get home safely after a fun night out on the town!

The great thing about choosing a party bus in Kansas City is that you and all your closest friends or family get to enjoy the club atmosphere, without the dangers and risks. Dance the night away, listen to your favorite music, practice your moves on the dance poles, enjoy your favorite adult beverages (you bring what you want with you), mingle with friends, and tour around town in privacy while having a blast. THIS is how to celebrate Labor Day or any holiday in a way that is totally fun and relaxing!

This is a holiday dedicated especially to the economic and social achievement of workers in America. In essence, it’s a special day for all who contribute to the economy and work to support their families while making our country the great country it is today, one filled with opportunities and freedom to make our lives better, the lives we’ve always dreamed of. Everyone who has a job or career in the country is entitled to a little extra time off and some great fun and relaxation! Sure, hopping from one club to the next can be fun, but why put yourself or your friends at risk? There’s no need, when you can have the same experience while letting someone else do the driving.

At KC Party Ride, we have an entire fleet of buses for all budgets and occasions, all with various options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can enjoy partying in private, touring the Power & Light District or other area while enjoying a safe experience with all of the amenities that make for a fun evening including laser lights, ample seating, dance floors, black-out windows, fantastic music, smoking options, ipod hookups, and more! Enjoy the Labor Day holiday in a way you may never have before – give us a call today, or book a party bus on our website.

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