July Birthday? Celebrate on a Kansas City Party Bus!

At KC Party Ride, we know that there are occasions you want to be truly unique and special – such as a 21st birthday party! Maybe you’re planning a “surprise” for a special best friend, your brother/sister, or even a co-worker who’s turning the big 4-0. Sure, you could have a traditional party at your home, or have a gathering of friends at a local restaurant or bar. What could you do to make the day even more special? Book a Kansas City party bus, and let the party begin!

The great thing about party bus rentals is that you don’t have to worry about driving after you’ve had a few drinks, and no designated driver required. Everyone can enjoy a great time complete with dancing, great music, dance poles, even laser lights and iPod hookups. With blacked out windows, you can be sure your party is private while you enjoy an evening with 40 or 50 of your closest friends. The atmosphere is what you would expect to find at a pub or lounge, and no one has to worry about getting home later in the evening.

While not many public places allow smoking today, some of our fleet do allow smoking. Whether you intend to have birthday cake, presents, and the entire shindig on board our party bus, or just party on your way to the next venue, the choice is yours! Imagine enjoying a night out on the town in the Power & Light District, dancing the night away to your favorite tunes with friends. One thing’s for certain – this will be a birthday celebration like no other! A “party on wheels,” everyone will have a fantastic time without worrying about getting home safely, or even getting stopped by police on the way home.

Even if you’re celebrating your 18th birthday and too young to consume alcohol, what could be better than dancing the night away to your favorite tunes surrounded by all your “besties?” You can enjoy the club atmosphere without the adult beverages, and to be honest, you’ll feel better the next day for it!

If you’re the one hosting the Kansas City party bus birthday event, you may want to go all out and even decide on a theme. For instance, a 1980’s theme is always fun; those attending the party can dress up in outfits reminiscent of the 80’s, you can decorate with movie posters, even play 80’s music. There are lots of unique, creative ways to make a birthday party a memorable occasion for the birthday gal or guy, and everyone else who will attend!

18, 21, 40, 60 – age is just a number! Birthdays should be fun occasions, no matter what your age. At KC Party Ride, our party buses are fully equipped to ensure everyone on board has a blast. Book a party bus today!

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