How Party Bus Rental in Kansas City Benefits Your Party

Regardless of whether you’re on your way to a concert in the KC area, having an engagement party, going to the prom, or celebrating a friend or family member’s birthday, celebrating by renting a party bus is THE way to go. There are lots of benefits to choosing this method of traveling and/or partying over others, perhaps the most important is that you never have to worry about drinking and driving, or appointing a designated driver. What are the other benefits? We’ve listed a few below.

No designated driver. Why should one person in your party have to hold back from enjoying him- or herself? When you choose a Kansas City party bus, everyone can join in the fun, so no one has to sit back and take in the enjoyment of everyone else without participating.

Lots of room. Sure, renting a limousine is great – but what if you have 10, 20, or even 40 people in your group? Getting in and out of a limousine can be tough, and the cost of renting three or four to taxi everyone around to a concert, party, or club can be astronomical. For large groups of people, it just makes more sense to choose a more spacious form of transportation.

A party bus offers all of the amenities you find with a limo, and more. Strobe lights, an amazing sound system, dance poles, plenty of room to shaky your booty – you don’t find all of this with most limousine services. No more being reserved, you can have a great time while either touring around town, or headed to a particular destination.

No “surprise” costs at the end of the evening. When you rent a party bus, you won’t find yourself facing unexpected costs such as fuel, mileage, etc. Most companies charge by the hour, so you know in advance how much it will cost. If you’ve ever rented a limo or taken a taxi to your destination, you know the cost can be surprising, and more than you anticipated.

No looking for parking spaces or worry about tourist traps. Whether you’re attending a concert, party, or hopping from one club to the next, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space in a safe area, or cruising around for the best hotspots. in addition, you may want to avoid tourist traps. Because drivers are extremely familiar with the Kansas City and surrounding areas, you can relax knowing you’ll get to your destination safe and sound, and that your driver can probably even recommend a great restaurant or club if you’re enjoying a night out on the town with close friends and have no particular destination in mind!

Have your celebration on the bus, and never worry about getting off. Because our Kansas City party bus fleet are so well equipped with lighting and sound systems, room for dancing, blacked-out windows, and other amenities, many people choose to just remain on the bus and celebrate the occasion. When you just want to enjoy an evening with close friends, why get off where you may be susceptible to more dangerous or risky situations? Everything you need is right on the bus, so you can enjoy the evening without any worries at all.

At KC Party Ride, we have an entire fleet of party buses available to meet your needs. Tour our gallery, browse the specials, and relax knowing that wherever you need to go or if you just want to enjoy and evening out without the risks associated with many bars and clubs, we deliver beyond your expectations and offer great rates. Have a great time, no matter what the plans are or how many you intend to have along!

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